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Avalonia.Controls.Converters Namespace Class Types. Class Summary; Corner Radius Filter Converter: Converts an existing CornerRadius struct to a new CornerRadius struct, with filters applied to extract only the specified fields, leaving the others set to 0. Margin Multiplier Converter:
Namespace with 20 public types
Projects that are using Avalonia FAQ Powered By GitBook Data Templates Many controls have a Contentproperty, such as ContentControl .Content. Windowinherits from ContentControl , so lets use that as an example. You're probably familiar with what happens when you put a control in the Window.Contentproperty - the window displays the control: 1.
Avalonia Grid Panel Layouts (Part 1) There are many ways to lay out UI elements in Avalania from the StackPanel, which stacks things on top of each other or along side each other, to the Canvas which allows one to specify the exact pixel position of any element. The Canvas may sound like the way one would want to go because it gives the most.