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Parents must provide medical certificates to support an illness-related absence if the school requests it. Children don't have to attend school at all during a school year if it's been determined that they're mentally or physically "unfit" for attendance. (Ind. Code §§ 20-33-2-14—20-33-2-19, 20-33-2-46 (2019).)
The case involved a South Carolina court order requiring Michael D. Turner to pay over $200 per month in child support. He failed to make the payments and was held in civil contempt five times. The fifth time he served a six-month jail sentence, which caused his past due child support to grow to over $5,700.
Earlier this month, a Berks County, Pennsylvania, mother died in jail while serving a 48-hour sentence, handed down because she couldn't pay her children's truancy fines. She owed about $2,000...
In 2011, McDowell, a homeless Bridgeport, CT mom, was arrested and charged with first-degree larceny for enrolling her then 5-year-old son Andrew in a school in neighboring Norwalk. HOME MAIL