May 27, 2021 · The Candyland strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid and a cross of the indica Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies. Candyland’s THC content varies depending on the potency of the particular bud that you get your hands on. It can be relatively mild, around 14%, but it can also be as high as 19%.. "/>
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Resin stages are extremely substantial and Which means it is very ideal for building extracts and concentrates with. This strain’s scent is sour with lemon, petrol, earthy and woody notes and these properties are mirrored back within the flavor. THC generation may be very superior at involving 22 – 26% with CBD at just one%.
Candyland, a product of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, is a Sativa-dominant strain that was a cross between the infamous Grand Daddy Purple strain (aka Grand Daddy Purps) and a Bay Area Platinum Cookies strain. People searching for candyland most search topics include; candyland strain allbud,candyland strain oil,candyland strain seeds,candyland og strain info,candyland strain ...
Candyland Cannabis Strain Review | Taste, Growing, & More. About Candyland Marijuana. Candyland is a potent sativa strain created from breeding Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Cookies. This is an award-winning strain that won a gold medal at the 2012 KushCon. Being a sativa, Candyland is a great cannabis strain to use if you're looking to feel happy and euphoric.
There is also about 0.35% CBD. This makes Candyland a "middle-of-the-road" strain in all the right ways. In other words, it has enough power to treat a wide range of moderate conditions without being overpowering. The high is light, motivating and happy rather than being a massive rush of euphoria. It is followed by a deeply relaxing body ...
CBD Candyland Feminized. Candyland Marijuana Seeds will grow potent hybrid plants with happy and euphoric effects. This sativa-dominant strain has equal ratios of THC and CBD at 7%. This plant has average heights with early flowering times at 8 to 10 weeks. Yields are average, and buds come with citrusy, earthy, sweet, and spicy aromas and flavors.