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Most movie mistakes of 2022. Most . Genre . Movie . Mistakes . 2022 . Add something. Top Gun: Maverick 36 mistakes. Death on the Nile 27 mistakes. Jurassic World Dominion 21 mistakes. Elvis 20 mistakes. Uncharted 20 mistakes. Memory 16 mistakes. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 12 mistakes . Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 10 mistakes. Thor: Love and Thunder 9 mistakes.
Catwoman: Hunted: Directed by Shinsuke Terasawa. With Elizabeth Gillies, Stephanie Beatriz, Jonathan Banks, Steve Blum. Follows Catwoman in an attempt to steal a priceless jewel. This puts her squarely in the crosshairs of both a powerful consortium of villains, Interpol and Batwoman.
Catwoman: Hunted is an animated anime-style film centered around Catwoman. Catwoman: Hunted, picks up with Catwoman as she attempts to steal a priceless jewel. The heist puts her
Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, has no qualms about risking her nine lives when a prize like the world’s most valuable emerald is the reward. But with Batwoman and Interpol maneuvering to spoil her fun, she must tread lightly. Complicating this game of cat and mouse is the global crime juggernaut Leviathan, deadly assassins, and a trail of twist and turns that may just trip up this