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Removing an average driveway is $1,000-$2,500 and up, particularly if it's reinforced concrete. Prices vary considerably by region. Concrete foundation removal can run $600-$4,000 or more for a simple slab, and $1,500-$5,000 or more for a typical home basement. Related articles: Debris Removal, Dumpster, Asphalt Removal, Foundation Demolition
Apply baking soda directly to stain on concrete and let it sit for a few minutes. Pour vinegar on the baking soda and the mixture will start to fizzle. Then, apply laundry detergent and scrub with a stiff brush. Rinse the area with a fully powered hose. Repeat if
Ball and Crane for Demolishing Masonry and Concrete Structures. One of the oldest and most commonly used methods for building demolition, the ball and crane uses a wrecking ball weighing up to 13,500 pounds to demolish concrete and masonry structures. During the process, the ball is either dropped onto or swung into the structure that is to be ...
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Lightly grade and remove loose soil. Set forms and reinforcing. Pour and finish concrete. Excavation, gravel base layer, compaction or hardscape demolition not included. 500 sq ft maximum. Concrete Slab cost estimates may require an onsite inspection. Usually these estimates will be "free".