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2018. 10. 13. · It is believed that it is this form of Durga which eliminated darkness from the world with her smile. And hence, every idol of the goddess in this form has a benevolent smile on her face. Maa Kushmanda is Lord Shiva's
2018. 6. 24. · 10 Powerful Mantras to Overcome Fear and Anxiety Fear and anxiety affect every soul in the universe; we have compiled a list of mantras that alleviate people from fear and mantras. 1. Ganesha Mantra ऊँ गतत्रासाय
Various mantras can improve the fertility rate and after chanting these powerful mantras, Lord Chandra blesses you with a healthy baby. You can talk to our astrologers at InstaAstro to know all the astrological impacts and your planetary positions during your pregnancy months for your and your baby’s protection.
If your child is haunted by negative energy, this Durga mantra will eliminate the disturbing negativity from the mind of the child. Parents whose children are restless, and anxious, can chant this mantra to help their child become calm and wise. It ensures their well being and protects from harm.
Mantra For Good Health. Niharika Khanna. 781 followers . Mantra For ... Higher Aim, High Thinking and Higher Meditation; Morality and Ethics; Good Health; Long Life. #lakshmi #AkshayTritiya #goddess #laxmi #hinduism #hindutav #durga #kali #durga #ambemaa #lakshi ...