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What Is the Treatment for Folliculitis on The Face? Treatment for folliculitis on the face includes: Topical antibiotics. Clindamycin solution. Erythromycin solution. Topical steroid creams or
Some mild infections of impetigo or folliculitis can be treated with antibiotic creams or ointment, e.g. mupirocin . Other infections may need antibiotic tablets or intravenous antibiotics. Acne – Although acne is not an infection, antibiotics may be used for an anti-inflammatory effect if the acne is moderate to severe. This is usually for a ...
Demodex Folliculitis – anti-parasitic agents, are the treatment of choice for this particular brand of folliculitis. Treatments such as topical permethrin as well as oral ivermectin and oral metronidazole are therapeutic options.
If your dog has folliculitis, you should apply medication to their skin to get rid of the infection. Applying a surface medication will eliminate organisms and debris from the skin's surface. This is usually done with an antimicrobial shampoo that is applied to the coat. [7]