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The consistency and quantity of vaginal discharge changes according to ovulation: In the days before your period, your vaginal discharge may have a glue-like look and feel. Then, on the day. Yes! Your discharge may get thicker and stickier during late pregnancy, and it's not uncommon to see mucus (which may be clear or red-tinged) during the last few weeks of your pregnancy.
Sesame oil should be rubbed on the breasts and nipples. It helps in keeping the breasts hydrated and makes it supple and soft. Sesame oil is the best possible home remedy for the itchy nipples not only during pregnancy but
I'm 15 weeks also and they weren't so tender the last 2 weeks or so...but now are tender and nipples are so itchy!!!! p. plentyofdee. @jenniegonz510, ... Pregnancy Week 15. Pregnancy Week 16. Pregnancy Week 17. Pregnancy Week 18. Pregnancy Week 19. Pregnancy Week 20. Pregnancy Week 21. Pregnancy Week 22.
From around your 15 th week of pregnancy the new milk-producing cells in your breasts become active, ... Flaking, scaly, itchy nipples can be a sign of Paget disease of the breast. This is a rare form of breast cancer involving the nipple. This is called peau