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*Warning Extreme Spoilers* The Joker is a tragedy...and that's what makes this movie stand out from others, that's what makes this movie great. Thanks for Wa...
And the Joker is the inferior part of the person, the unconscious, the part that one chooses to ignore because of the fear it may cause to know. Bruce Wayne considers Batman indestructible, which is why he cuts Batman out of feeling any emotion and forces him to be a logical person. And the Joker forces him to break those rules and face his fear.
Joker is trying to say something about the equality gap between the corrupted elites of Gotham city, while the poor are marginalized and neglected, the garbage piles up in the city and the situation is deteriorating, the elite class is living in a palace, attending a theatre and wearing the most expensive suits.
His wife Carolyn is a real estate sales woman who is very ambitious. She is a very materialistic, impatient and self centered lady. She doesn’t take into account the feelings of anyone, neither her daughter nor her husband. She wants everything to look perfect. She gets irritated if anything looks shabby. She portrays a Narcisstic type of disorder.
Based off of the information we gain about the Joker from the movie, there isn’t enough evidence to support the suggestion that has Schizophrenia. He does show emotional