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The Jupiter in 11th house natives may have a good marriage. The females of Jupiter in eleventh house may get good husband and males may get a good wife. Negative Traits/Impacts. Jupiter in eleventh house may cause its natives to indulge in overeating and overdrinking. They are likely to become addicted to eating or drinking.
Presence of Jupiter in 8th house leads the person to have a quiet complex path of life and could also brings to them some difficulties. It also provides them with a direct vision to see path for emerging safe. These individuals are deeply spiritual with their approach while this involvement in religious aspects further strengthens their fortune.
The personality characteristics innate to the zodiacal placement will come through in the solar return. Those activities ruled by the natural house of the ascending sign may also be prominent. Personality changes might be subtle, but can give you a sense of direction for the coming year. Think of it as a style change.
2022. 8. 30. · Sun in the 1st house during a Solar Return indicates a period of self-realisations. Picture credits: mzmatuszewski0 Sun in the 2nd House - Solar Return. With the Sun falling into
2020. 3. 12. · Let’s take a tour of the houses in your birth chart to find out – and note – you can apply these analyses to your solar return houses too. Just remember the experience will be more intense. Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 1st House. Let’s get back to basics here. ... Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: 11th House.