Jul 12, 2017 · “MIMO” stands for “Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output”, and it refers to the way bandwidth is broken up by a router and pushed to individual devices. Most modern routers use “SU-MIMO”, or “Single User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output”. With these routers, only one device can receive data at any given time.. "/>
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You can run the kubectl describe command to see information about the Pod as well as events that have run (look at the bottom of the output for the events). This is really helpful to see if the image for a container was pulled correctly, if the container started in the Pod, any Pod reschedule events, and much more. kubectl describe pod [pod-name]
Dec 11, 2019 · For additional options, scroll down the menu and click the “More Settings” link. Here you can set collation, output quality, and color mode. You can also set the document binding to the left, right, or top edge. You’ll find a borderless printing option too (on or off). Click on the “OK” button to finish.
kubectl --namespace kube-public get pods Pod in a Different Namespace by using yaml configuration In the yaml file we will define which namespace to use while creating a pod kind: Pod apiVersion: v1 metadata: name: pod-1 namespace: kube-public spec: containers: - name: container-1 image: nginx Create and verify a Pod
Now let's look at docker stats instead; after having identified the container ID, we can run the command as below: Docker stats shows instead 1859Gib. It differs a lot if compared to the kubectl top pods output. Let's have a look at the memory metrics it is supposed to use to calculate the memory usage: As anticipated above, the calculated ...
Oct 20, 2021 · alias k="kubectl --namespace my-namespace" k get pods Accessing Pod Logs. The kubectl logs command lets you inspect the logs produced by a named Pod: kubectl logs pod-name. The Pod’s existing logs will be emitted to your terminal. When the Pod’s formed from more than one container, you must also specify the name of the contaienr you want to ...