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The Mystic Goddess is your connection to the cosmic realm, to the goddess herself as Source energy, ... Mother Mary, the Empress of the Tarot card deck, Mother Earth. The shadow archetype, for example, consists of the repressed thoughts and perceived weaknesses we do not want to show others and cause us anxiety, anger, fear or shame. ...
Mother Goddess. Hyperspace Lexicon description : A huge, bright, feminine Goddess. Might be identified with Ostara, Isis, or Mother Mary, yet transcending identification with these earthly images. Bright, really bright light, caring, loving, caressing away all pain and all tears. A kalonkinesioöptic experience with an explicit feminine character.
Goddess Meditation: Lead you through a channeled Mother Mary meditation so you may receive a her Mother healing, divine grace and answer to all your prayers. Oracle Reading Bonus: Do a 3-card oracle reading to help you get deeper insights on the wave of your past, the blessing in your present and potential of your future.
He evoked a role for another to fill - a woman. The world's nostalgic desire would prepare a place for her. Doubtless, like Christ, she would transcend myth as well as fulfilling it. And the original relationship of the Young God to the Goddess made Christ's mother the best candidate (Ashe 53) . Mary is the cause of Jesus' first miracle.
Mary - Mother - Virgin Goddess. Given the importance of Mary, Mother, Virgin Goddess, and her connection to Iona, I devoted a section to her here. asherah (queen of Heaven) - Astarte - Anath. Several thousand years before Christ, Yahweh (YHWH) and Asherah were the ‘Father-God’ and ‘Mother-Goddess’ aspects of the One God, respectively.