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Published in South Carolina Lawyer, July 2001. Note: Many family court judges do not allow motions to modify temporary orders brought pursuant to § 63-3-530(25). The law on whether this code section authorizes motions to modify temporary orders remains unclear.
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In the meantime, the injured party may file a motion for immediate relief in the form of a court order telling the violent individual to stay away from the injured spouse (a restraining order), or to relinquish custody of minor children, to surrender any guns, or to leave the shared home until the trial or a probationary period ends.. Penal Code 115 PC is the California statute that makes it a
Dec 05, 2010 · Rule 21 of the South Carolina Rules of Family Court creates specialized rules for Family Court motions for temporary relief. For example, such motions may be heard on five business days notice. Rule 21(a), SCRFC. Supporting affidavits do not need to be served with such motions. Rule 21(c), SCRFC. However, SCRFC 2(a) notes that the South
, South Carolina _____ TEMPORARY ORDER The Court has jurisdiction over the parties and subject matter, and venue is proper. Based on the physician’s affidavit and factual allegations made, IT IS ORDERED: 1. The physical welfare of the alleged incapacitated individual (A.I.I.) requires temporary relief as follows: