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got wisdom teeth removed. the recovery sucks and im nervous it will trigger a relapse :( i just need some support and a hug right now honestly :/ i have to be on a soft food diet. i had a super rough surgery (also have EDS so healing takes forever for me) and im in a lot of pain.
Bad teeth can discourage a person from social interaction, smiling and even impact self-esteem. Taking the “body positive” approach to this will not fix the problem because, as already described, rotten teeth can affect the physical body. Do not allow yourself to be influenced to accept a resolvable physical condition that’s potentially ...
Teeth grinding (also called bruxism) is often related to stress or anxiety. There are things you can do to help and treatments available from a dentist or GP. Causes of teeth grinding It's not always clear what causes people to grind their teeth. It's often linked to: stress and anxiety – this is the most common cause of teeth grinding
In most scenarios, your wisdom teeth will be fully developed by sometime in your late 20s or close to 30 years of age. Of course, there are always exceptions. Ultimately if you’re able to be pain and infection-free until your wisdom teeth are completely developed, there’s a chance that you might not ever need to have them removed.
Its how when I got my wisdom teeth taken out both sides got infected, 3 times. It sucked big time. so just watch out and try to discover if you are sensitive to opiates like I am before you take too many they ended up having to give me some pain killers with anti nausea medication in them for all my dental surgeries since.