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COVID-19 Vaccine Medical Exemption Request Form . Section I. To be completed by Student or Parent/Guardian (if student is under 18) Last Name First Name Date of Birth EMPL ID # Email . Section II. To be completed by Medical Provider . Medical Provider certificate of contraindication: I certify that my patient (named above) should not be
treatment function when the sales are to a nonprofit (i.e., a tax exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code) licensed nursing home, nonprofit licensed in-patient hospice, nonprofit general or mental hospital and the tax exempt organization obtains an exemption determination letter from the Commissioner.
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religious leader of the religion , and which must include the name, address, and phone number/email of the religious leader. Hofstra University will not accept or consider letters or
But what an exemption is, is it allows some room to allow some individuals to act on the basis of a religiously-motivated conscious," Navin said. The same survey from PRRI