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2. Anti-Anxiety Smoothie. Start your day with an anti-anxiety smoothie which is rich in ingredients which can reduce the impacts of stress on you. Try combining avocado, chia seeds, cacao, and almond butter. Avocado is essential in providing stress-busting vitamin B and creaminess which promote healthy brain cells and nerves.
Practice “titration”. – Experience the smallest arousal of the nervous system possible while exploring the sensations and keep decreasing. Levine advises a person to “touch the edges” of the response to create increased stability, resilience, and tolerance resulting in a reorganization of the nervous system. Insert corrective experiences.
Streeter, C. C. et. Al. (2012) Effects of yoga on the autonomic nervous system, gamma-aminobutyric-acid, and allostasis in epilepsy, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Medical Hypotheses; 78(5): 571-579. Tang, Y. et. Al. (2009) Central and autonomic nervous system interaction is altered by short-term meditation.
Eva’s response: Feeling an electric current in your body is actually quite a common symptom of anxiety. It happens because you are tired, stressed and depleted at all levels: mind, body, spirit, emotionally. I have personally experienced this as well – at it’s worst I experienced extreme anxiety with neurological symptoms and it felt like ...
Alcohol can have a "toxic effect on nerve tissue and cause permanent imbalance", he remarks. Don’t dismiss the other long-term effects alcohol can have on the body’s CNS. Aside from damaging your nerve cells permanently, long- term alcohol use can also cause short-term memory loss, forgetfulness, weakness and sensation problems like ...