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The Medium is a psychological horror video game developed by Bloober Team that was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X/S on January 28, 2021. ... Also the stuttering seems to be an issue with poor frame pacing rather than an absolute performance issue. ... only thing is the awful VRR flicker on series x with LG CX, had to disable.
Unfortunately the simplest solution is to restart your xbox to clear the lag. I reset about every 2 hours. v Sim CO 175,349 Posted on 20 July 20 at 19:07 The game on One X was running at 5 fps - I...
Xbox Lag. I have had the same lag ratio for the following games I play the most: Forza horizon 4, Rocket League, and Rainbow Six Siege. When I play rocket league I will have a lag spike once maybe twice in overtime it will spike all the way up to 988 for about 8 seconds. And In siege my ping will spike up to 3400 for about 8 seconds.
Destiny on the Xbox One exhibited an impressive 96ms controller latency when compared to the PlayStation 4 version clocking in at 107ms, however the Xbox One version tends to suffer with more stuttering, resulting in a more consistent experience on the PlayStation 4.